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The Red Bird


Here is Mr. Red Bird. He posed for a picture outside my office window today.

A strange but wonderful thing has been happening at my husband’s office the last few months.  Ken has noticed a red bird or cardinal with its mate outside his window on a regular basis.  I go in to work twice a week. When I am there I have seen those birds perched in the tree outside my office window next to Ken’s. They sit there for a long time as if they are making sure that I notice them.  It is strange because we do not have a bird feeder outside. None of the neighbors have feeders either.  It is even more curious because there is a cat that lives under a deserted building next door and he is often on the prowl.  Most birds would be scared away by his ominous presence.

There is a legend about the visitation of cardinals. The story goes that if one gets visits from a cardinal, it is a sign that a loved one who has passed away is near in spirit. I lost my daddy almost five years ago.  I think of him often when I hear music as he was a classical musician.  He was an animal lover too.  I would like to think that he is with me when I see God’s beautiful creatures. When red birds appear during the Christmas holidays and near my birthday in February they especially remind me of my daddy who gave me love gifts on those special days. What a comfort it is to think he is with me again and is celebrating my life while he is in heaven.


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The Holidays Are Quickly Upon Us

Here is a post to serve as a reminder that we only have ………4 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving and 8 1/2 weeks until Christmas.  Yikes!  If you are like me, that thought alone is enough to get my heart rate up.  My goal is to be a lot less stressed this year.  The only way I have found to accomplish this is to plan ahead.  Still, I always find that there is not enough time or energy to do it all.  My perfectionism especially gets to me this time of year when I want to decorate the house like a magazine cover and find the perfect gift for everyone on my list.

God has been convicting me that if I put Him first, everything will get in proper perspective. Jesus is the reason for the season.  If He isn’t the center of everything, all my efforts are in vain.  I can still make the decorations pretty by keeping them simple.  My guests won’t mind if my house isn’t quite as decorated this year as long as the atmosphere is filled with love.  The food will taste just as good if I take some shortcuts, buy some things from the store, order my turkey from Honey Baked Ham or recruit help.

I am open to suggestions on some ways you have found to ease stress during the holidays.  Feel free to send me your thoughts.

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Reminded And Thankful Once Again For Salvation

I had an amazing salvation experience yesterday! I rescued a dog from almost certain death as it wandered along a busy road. My mother and I were out and about on errands. I had just turned onto a four lane main road when I saw a yellow mixed breed dog standing in front of an approaching car. Two cars just missed hitting her.  I was positioned in the left lane so reacted immediately and got into the middle turn lane. I opened my door and called to her.  She immediately bounded towards me and jumped into the car. She lept into my mother’s lap and gave us both lots of kisses. We decided to take her to a nearby Petsmart where they host animal adoptions.  When we got her there, they scanned her for a microchip. Fortunately, she had one.  She had a Gamecock collar but no other ID.  Thankfully, they were able to track down the adoption agency where she had first been adopted. The Petsmart staff agreed to keep her until her owner came to get her later in the afternoon.

It definitely felt good to save a life.  God must feel that way each time one of us cries out to Him.

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